Luther Burbank only named a handful of plants after his adopted hometown, so it's fair to assume that the Santa Rosa Plum was so named in harmony with business interests that sought to promote Santa Rosa in the autumn following the 1906 earthquake.

Below: The authorized Santa Rosa Plum photograph from "Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application," Vol 5, 1914

Luther Burbank Names Delicious Fruit After His Home Town and it Will Be Introduced This Winter

Luther Burbank has named one of his latest and best plum creations the "Santa Rosa Plum," and for the first time this winter it will leave his hands to be distributed over the fruit-growing world. Mr. Redding, of Fresno, one of the largest nurserymen on the Pacific Coast, has secured from Mr. Burbank the exclusive right to introduce the plum. The same gentleman is also introducing Burbank's new walnut trees--the rapid timber producer--and a new plumcot.

The Santa Rosa Plum is considered one of the best-ever produced, both in quality, flavor, etc. Nurserymen all over the country, who have seen and tasted it are unanimous in pronouncing it so.

- Press Democrat, November 22, 1906


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