It's winter in 1906 Santa Rosa, and "Diamond Dick" is strolling naked down Fourth street, while crazy Miss Powell warbles away the night. If either of these people are your ancestors, feel free to keep it a family secret.

Man Walks Down Fourth Street Divested of Clothing--Police Kept Busy

The police at midnight gathered in a queer customer. He was a man who had looked upon the wine to such an extent that he divested himself of his clothing, which he had thrown carelessly over his arm, and was walking along the center of Fourth street. The night was cold, too, and to prevent his taking a chill he was hurried to the police station.

The patrol wagon had to be called out late Saturday night to accommodate a woman, who, while under the influence of liquor had thrown herself on the sidewalk on lower Fourth street, and was bent on spending a noisy night there. She was also taken to the lockup. She is not a new offender.

The officers had also to give "Diamond Dick" accommodations at the jail, he having too much aboard for the requirements of pedal navigation. Policemen Boyes, McIntosh and Skaggs were quite busy on Saturday night.

- Press Democrat, December 9, 1906


Miss Powell, the girl who created the disturbance at a local hotel Tuesday evening, and was taken into custody on a charge of insanity, spent the night and early morning hours in singing. She possesses a pretty good voice and had a gay time in making merry. When Deputy Sheriff Gist appeared on the scene early Wednesday morning the girl was parading around downstairs and offered to let him in. Gist took in the situation at a glance and told her she had better get up stairs quick. She went two at a time. The girl is said to have recently left the home of relatives in Green Valley and the officers were notified to be on the lookout for her. No date has been set for an inquisition and if relatives come for her, it is probable she will be turned over to them.

- Santa Rosa Republican, December 12, 1906


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