Believe it or not, here's (apparently) the first newspaper item on one of Santa Rosa's favorite sons, Robert Ripley:

Roy Ripley of This City is With The Bulletin

Roy Ripley, the well known Santa Rosa boy, has accepted a position with the San Francisco Bulletin as cartoonist for that paper. Mr. Ripley's ability as a drawer of cartoons is well known by many people of this city. For some time he was the staff artist of the Porcupine, the high school magazine, and it was there his drawings first became known to the public. Recently the young man sent several of his drawings to the bulletin, and the managers of that paper were so pleased with the work that they offered him a position that he has accepted. His drawings to the Bulletin, and the man- [line missing] paper for some time.

Besides being a good cartoonist he is well known among the baseball people and he has appeared in uniform in many teams.

- Santa Rosa Republican, March 1, 1909


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