Why did Santa Rosans take a tumble whenever orange peels appeared on the sidewalk? The Press Democrat also reported this was a hazard the spring before, when likewise the fruity threat lurked on Fourth street. Or could it be that there was just some fuddy-duddy at the newspaper with a Queeg-like obsession over orange peels? Let's see: editor Ernest L. Finley lived at 1127 McDonald Avenue, and if he walked to his downtown office on Exchange Avenue, he'd probably pass the scene of the slippery crimes all the time...


On Thursday morning on one block of pavement on Fourth street no less than eight pieces of orange peel were noticed on the walk along which pedestrians were passing. One citizen stopped on his way down town and took time to kick the dangerous refuse into the street. Of late several people have had serious falls by stepping on pieces of peel. There is an ordinance which should govern the matter and the only remedy seems to be to make example of offenders. Children on their way to school eating oranges should receive some instruction of the danger caused by the thoughtlessness of allowing the peel to fall on the sidewalk. Some older people are also in need of a reminder.

- Press Democrat, March 17, 1905


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