An incident which created considerable amusement for spectators occurred early Tuesday morning near the Republican office. A woman whose husband failed to cease swearing when she attempted to stop his flow of profanity struck her husband a severe blow across the mouth. This had the desired effect and the woman proceeded to her hotel. The parties arrived here Monday evening, and had trouble shortly after their arrival. The husband had been drinking heavily and this led to a tirade on the streets, which the woman stopped by use of vigorous force. The husband counted a number of witnesses to the blow, evidently figuring on an action for divorce.

- Santa Rosa Republican, October 11, 1904

Called Her Evil Names so She Has Him Arrested For Disturbing the Peace

Because Peter King objected to his wife's guests at tea and told the lady in terms more forceful than elegant a warrant has been issued for his arrest on the charge of using profane and vulgar language in the presence of women. Miss Myrtle Genther swore to the complaint against King in Justice A. J. Atchinson's court on Monday morning.

Mrs. M. McCombs was the victim of King's words assault as well as Miss Genther, it is alleged. In fact, Miss Genther was only secondary. Mrs. McCombs, according to the story of the ladies, had been assisting Mrs. King with some sewing. Her hostess insisted that she remain to tea and did so. This is alleged to have angered Mr. King, who spoke insultingly to the guests and later to Miss Genther.

- Santa Rosa Republican, July 18, 1904


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