August, 1904 and work is underway. Note again that architect Brainerd Jones isn't mentioned. The Santa Rosa Republican ran a nearly identical item the same day, but added this closing paragraph: "'There will not be a parlor in the whole house and there will not be a room in which I can't smoke,' the Judge has frequently remarked to friends."

Attorney Oates Lets the Contract For Colonial Residence

Attorney James W. Oates has let the contract for the handsome residence he will erect at Healdsburg avenue and Benton streets to Williamson & McKenzie, and men are at work preparing the lot preparatory to the erection of the house. Mr. Oates owns four large lots on Healdsburg avenue adjoining Walter S. Davis' home, and they will be taken up by the residence and the grounds. The house will stand in the centre of the property. It will be built colonial style, and will be arranged very picturesquely. It will cost several thousand dollars, and nothing that money and taste can provide will be omitted in making it a comfortable and attractive home.

- Press Democrat news item, August 26, 1904


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